About Nassau OTB


Historians tell us that the first formal horse race meeting in America took place in 1665 on the plains of Hempstead, Long Island. More than 335 years later, horse racing remains a popular sport and a key economic engine in Nassau County.

Established by the State Legislature in 1975 to generate profits for the State and local governments, Nassau Off Track Betting Corporation, a public benefit corporation, better known as Nassau Downs OTB, is one of five, separately governed New York State OTBs.

Nassau Downs opened its doors to the public on January 31, 1975 in the Village of Hempstead. Since that date, Nassau OTB’s business and profits have steadily grown, reaping tremendous benefits for Nassau taxpayers and racing fans.

All of the profits Nassau Downs generates from wagering going directly into Nassau County’s General Fund. Since its inception, Nassau OTB has generated more than $241 million in profits and $144 million in surcharge for Nassau County.

Over the years, Nassau OTB has expanded its simulcasting by offering wagering on tracks from all over North America. In 2003, legislation was passed allowing OTB to offer nighttime thoroughbred racing for the first time.

In February of 2004, Nassau OTB made history with the opening of the Race Palace, arguably the most state of the art, upscale and exciting racing teletheater in North America. Located on the Nassau-Suffolk border, just south of the Long Island Expressway, the Race Palace, with its 120 foot video wall, dining areas and bars, luxurious VIP rooms and cashier, self service and personal wagering devices, has become the preferred destination of new and seasoned horse-players alike.

Nassau Downs OTB has also expanded its account wagering options; a Nassau OTB wagering account provides access to internet, mobile, telephone operator and touch tone wagering as well as branch self-service wagering.

Nassau Downs, under the leadership of its President Joseph G. Cairo, Jr., is continuing to broaden its wagering and entertainment horizons with upgrades to existing and new branch locations and an expanding network of Fast Track restaurant locations. Nassau OTB is committed to providing our bettors with the most comprehensive and timely racing information available.

With Nassau OTB, we all win. You can bet on that.

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